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Virtual School Must Haves!

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

We've completed 3 weeks of virtual school around here but I know a lot of people are starting back on Tuesday. Most kiddos get a full lot of supplies but here's my list of absolute must haves that don't come in the box.

Each workspace is different, right? But no matter what, these kids are needing a space that is just theirs. This desk blotter comes in a variety of colors, makes it easy to protect the surface and is super easy to clean up. I love the navy and the grey one.

This Jarlink pencil sharpener is easy enough for kids to use on their own and works for both regular pencils and colored ones. I like how large the base is so you don't have to empty it after every time.

We never have enough erasers! No matter how hard we try, our kids seems to be needing more and more erasers. This pack is perfect and they last a long time.

We are printing machines around here. Printing a lot of extra worksheets, presentations, you name it. This pack comes with 2500 sheets and will hopefully last us a long time.

Speaking of paper, we have so much! Each kids has one of these bins on their desk for recycling. After they are finished with the worksheet or piece of paper, they just stick in the bin so it doesn't end up all over the desk, floor, etc. We recycle the contents each week. This has worked wonders for us.

Between pencils, dust, kids, the electronics get so dirty. This dusty is fun for the kids to use but also does the trick.

Cleaning the screens is also really important. I love that the kids can do this themselves and they work on glasses, too.

Last but not least, you guys know I absolutely love this Method cleaner. Due to COVID, they aren't making the compostable wipes right now, but they are making them in a spray bottle form. And, if you use a paper towel, you can create your own compostable wipe. Clean all the surfaces with this bright grapefruit scent and you are good to go.

That's what is helping us get through the virtual school day a little easier around here. Let me know what is helping you! xo, Jules

** As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. **

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