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What I'm Loving: My Skincare Routine

You guys have been asking, and I know this has taken much longer than you expected. But, thank you for being patient and... here it is. The long anticipated post on My Skincare Routine. I feel like I can now call myself a product junkie and I am here for it. I love trying new products to find the absolutely perfect thing. Sometimes I love it and sometimes I really don't. But, it really is fun to try. I love a quick routine that does the job and doesn't break the bank. Since the weather in Texas is changing from cold and dry to warm and muggy, I am going to have to change some things up. But, before I do, I wanted to show you my absolute favorite staples. As of last year, I have fully switched over to all clean products and couldn't be happier. As always, you can find almost all of these in my Amazon Storefront or my Monat page. Let me know if you have any questions. I'm happy to give you any and all feedback. There's a whole world of skincare out there.

Cleanser: I love this Eminence Stone Crop Oil Cleanser. It takes off my makeup, detoxifies my skin with microgreens and leaves my skin feeling oh so clean. I use this day and night.

Toner: I love pairing the oil cleanser with the stone crop hydrating mist. It hydrates, refreshes and reduces my pigmentation. It's light enough to use year round.

Serum: Thanks to my absolutely favorite Jamie Makeup, being a part of #jamiescrew has opened my eyes to so many new and amazing prodcuts. Serumkind has won me over. These chaga charging drops are super nourishing and super charging. Not on amazon, but I did find them on QVC.

Moisturizer + SPF: I absolutely love the Saie Slipcover which is a tinted moisturizer with SPF 35. It has buildable coverage and goes on super smooth. I'm so excited this is now available at Sephora.

Vegan Retinol Alternative: This Monat Botanic Bakuchiol is my nighttime secret. I love this stuff.

Eye Cream: The Monat Eye Smooth + 30 Sec Miracle is my go - to eye solution. I have dark circles, puffy eyes, the works. This combo is magical.

Nightly Moisturizer: The Monat Night Haven is the perfect nightly moisturizer. It is heavy enough without being too heavy.

Exfoliators + Masks: The Arcona Triad Pads are perfect for when I'm in a rush or just need to clean off my face. They works wonders for a quick clean/exfoliate and smell great too. Once a week, I use the Farmhouse Fresh Sand Your Ground Clay Mask. Its coarse and thick and feels like such a dream. When I remove it my face is not only clean as a whistle, it's glowing.

Remover: I am obsessed with Face Halo. It feels so luxurious every night when I use it - kind of like a super special treat. They are easy to clean and reuse, too!

And while I am not expert or professional, my little pro tip: remember to always put your products on from lightest to heaviest. For example, wash, tone, serum, moisturizer, spf. Or, wash, tone, serum, retinol alternative, moisturizer.

Sending you lots of skincare vibes and all my love! XO, Jules

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