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Sundays are for Self Care

Do all the days blend together? There has been very little difference in our everyday routine around here. But, one thing is for sure.... I make sure to carve out some time for ME on Sundays. Are you needing a boost? Something just for YOU? I saw a few friends on my morning walk today and every single one of them said a version of, "I just needed to do this for ME." Before COVID I would always make sure and use this facial peel every single Sunday night before bed. I also tried to soak in a hot bath a few nights a week. That was me feeling like I was taking a little extra care of myself. Lately, I have been feeling like I really need more than just a little extra. Like my friends, something just for ME. Something more than just a little facial peel and hot bath. And while it is harder and harder to find the time, I have implemented a little Sunday Self Care routine that has definitely helped me out of this little weekly rut.

Thankfully, the #MBF Beachbody program I am doing incorporates an awesome rest and recovery workout every Sunday. This has been so good for my body and has really helped me to slow down and get in a good stretch.

I have never been great about taking the time to do journal writing, setting daily goals, or really self reflecting. But, the latest research in Gratitude has really proven to help with overall health and well -being. Sundays, I spend 5-10 minutes writing in my Gratitude Journal . I like this one from Amazon because it has more than just lines on a page - each page has a prompt and some carved out space for my reflections.

Breakfast is seriously one of my favorite meals of the day. During the week, I'm rushing around getting everyone what they need, throw together a quick smoothie and get on with my day. Sunday, I really prioritize sitting down and enjoying a hot breakfast. Today we all sat down together and enjoyed some breakfast tacos on these Siete Tortillas with this Tacodeli Salsa- true Austin, Texas style.

Meals are definitely a big portion of our week. I spend about 30 minutes planning out our meals for the upcoming week and taking inventory of our groceries. Since we are all home for all of our meals these days, it definitely takes a little more time than normal to make sure I have everything squared away. This coming week is the first week of school for my kids so I am making sure to add in their favorite items for breakfast and lunches. This gluten free pancake mix is a family favorite and one I always try to keep in the pantry. We use it as a base to make pancakes and waffles all the time.

Having everyone home all the time makes it hard to have a genuine phone call with friends. I try really hard to check in with a good friend I haven't talked to during the week. Setting aside this time has really been helping me stay connected to friends I haven't seen in so long.

While I am still ending Sunday nights with the relaxing soak and much needed facial peel, adding in these little extras help me feel like I am giving myself a little extra. What helps you feel that little extra? Let me know! xo, Jules

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