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What I'm Loving: The October Edition!

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

It's My Birthday Month and I am really focusing on myself! It feels like a great time to revisit ME. I am known for always cleaning things out, donating, and updating what we have around here. That is one thing that brings me JOY. Less Clutter! Adding more things that bring me JOY and make my life easier are my number one priority this month. Starting out, I am excited about hosting a virtual meditation this coming Sunday. Check out all the info below.


I have refreshed the vitamins and supplements that we are all taking and absolute love these vitamins and our routine.

Hiya Vitamins for my kids. They taste great and are not filled with all the fillers. The best part is they are #nutfree and #fishfree and makes them #allergy friendly. They come in a beautiful reusable bottle and the refills are super easy.

I have been loving these vitamins for myself. I use the daily liquid multivitamin, liquid probiotic and eye health gummies. They have a variety of options for all your vitamin needs and they ship quickly. Order yours here.

Working Out!

I have to workout every single day for my mental health. I love mixing up my workouts and am so excited to be starting a new Beachbody Program on Monday. I love Beachbody because they give you all the tools and you can do the workouts whenever you want! On Demand! Want to join me? Use this link to sign up!

I've been loving shopping at Alo. These 7/8 leggings are my absolute favorite. I love wearing them to work out or even just to hang in. They come in some pretty awesome colors too.


I am freshening up on all kinds of Soap since we are all home and washing so much more.

Laundry Soap: I am Loving this Method Laundry Detergent.

Hand Soap: Do you have a hand soap you are loving? I am absolutely loving this duo from Arbonne. The shea butter is nourishing and it comes with a pretty bamboo tray.

Dish Soap: Mrs. Meyer's has been my go-to dish soap for a while but I just changed to this scent and am loving it. The three pack helps cut down on running out, just put the excess bottles under the sink!

Bath Soap: You guys know I love a good bath. I found these and have switched over to them - almost every time I take a bath. The oatmeal and honey sure do leave my skin extra soft.

Just a few ways that I am focusing on ME this month! Stay tuned for the November list where I am going to share not only What I am Loving, but What I am Thankful For! xo, JW

** As an Amazon Affiliate I earn a small profit on the items that are ordered through my links. **

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