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What I'm Loving: The September Edition!

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

It's September 15th! Yup! Where has the time gone? Are you still home? Working in an office, sending your kids to school, still home? All kinds of things are changing this month but yet, so much is the same. Pandemic living sure does put a wrinkle in things. We are working from home with the added fun of virtual school. This means 4 people on all different schedules under 1 roof, eating 3 meals and I can't even count the snacks - each and every single day and a whole lot of togetherness. Fun times, my friends, fun times. But we are all making it through and I have to say, having things around that make life just a little better and easier and more enjoyable make the days feel less and less daunting. I am so excited to share my list of the 10 things I am loving in September!

Number 10. and ...Number 9.

Cookbooks! I am absolutely loving some new cookbooks for new recipes and new meal options. Both the Defined Dish and Eating Out Loud are on the top of my list!

Number 8. Recycled Printer Paper and Ink Cartridges For Our Home Printer

We are printing like crazy over here. Having larger quantities of extra paper and ink around has made it easy to be prepared for all the printing each week. This printer works great, connects to our home network and allows everyone to print and even print double - sided!

Number 7. Multivitamins. I am running on overdrive over here. The Mary Ruth Organics Multivitamin tastes great and is easy to drink with my breakfast. Check out the website to find all of the different vitamins offered. I promise you will love how they taste and notice how you feel!

Number 6. Niapo Massager. I know I mention this thing all the time, but trust me when I say it is life changing. Just plug it in and settle into a comfy spot. I love how it gets into all those muscles at the top of my shoulders and base of my neck. I use it all the time.

Number 5. The Hatch. Sleeping is not the easiest at my house. The Hatch Restore has brought in a whole new toolbox full of sounds, lighting, meditations and even an alarm clock. I have to say, I am really impressed with this little machine.

Number 4. Sharpies. I really like good pens and Sharpie never lets me down. This pack has a mix of both fine tip and ultra fine tip in an assortment of all the colors including metallics. Definitely making writing more fun for everyone.

Number 3. We are grilling a ton over here. These corn holders make it easy for everyone to chow down. I love the rubber feel and they snap together for easy storage.

Number 2.

My everyday house slippers. I have this thing where my feet always get cold but i don't always want my toes to be covered. These are my absolute favorite slippers to wear around the house. They come in all kinds of colors and are extra comfortable.

Number 1.

The number one thing that I am loving in September is canned pumpkin. I really truly believe that it is too early for actual pumpkins and fall - since it is still in the 90s here. But, I definitely don't think it is too early to bake pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins and all things pumpkin.

Happy September! Let me know what you are loving. Xo, Jules

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