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What's on My Weekly Shopping List!

Happy Monday! Is it still Summer at your house or are you already into virtual learning or maybe even going into school? We are starting week 2 of school over here. I've simplified my weekly grocery list to make it easier to have easy breakfast and lunches ready to go. Do you have an easy system for when you run out of something? We use this simple magnetic dry erase sheet for the fridge to make notes and keep track. This way, all of us can add to the list. It comes with heart magnets and 4 dry erase pens. It definitely makes it fun for everyone to take part in the weekly shopping. Once I get the items, I erase them from the list and we start again. So, what's on my list? My top 25 items from my grocery shop today are listed below.

  1. Stoneyfield Greek Yogurt

  2. Organic Strawberries

  3. Organic Bueberries

  4. Organic Baby Spinach

  5. 12 Organic Bananas

  6. 10 Pink Lady Apples

  7. 1 Organic Cauliflower

  8. 1 Organic Broccoli

  9. 6 Organic Zucchinis

  10. 2 Different kinds of squash

  11. 1 Organic Yellow Onion

  12. 4 Sweet Potatoes

  13. 4 Roma Tomatos

  14. Unsweetened Almond Milk

  15. A2 Skim Milk

  16. 2lbs Organic Chicken Cutlets

  17. 2 lbs Wild Salmon

  18. 1 Jar Unsweetened Applesauce

  19. 1 Bag Siete Tortilla Chips

  20. 1 Container Hummus

  21. 1 Bag Angel Hair Pasta

  22. 1 Jar Raos Marinara Sauce

  23. 1 Bag Frozen Chicken Nuggets ( We like Bell and Evans Brand)

  24. 1 Frozen Cheese Pizza ( We like the 365 Four Cheese)

  25. 1 Large Bag of Skinny Pop ( We like the plain and simple flavor)

These items take me through most all lunch and dinners for the week! Can't wait to share what we are cooking with all of you! xo, Jules

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