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What's For Dinner This Week!

The most common request I'm asked to post is what I make for dinner. There are so many awesome recipes out there- I really try to keep it simple and not recreate the wheel. I try to mix it up with enough variety while always adding in one or two family favorites a week. This week, I'm using one of my absolute favorite cook books by Gaby Dalkin to create my meal plan for the week.

What's for Dinner this Week! Monday:

Whole Roasted Chicken by Nom Nom Paleo

Avocado/ Cucumber Salad from Eat What you Want by Gaby Dalkin

This is my absolute favorite pan for roasting a chicken. I have had this thing ever since I got married and while it is large, has two parts and seems like a lot to deal's the perfect pan for making a whole chicken. I lower the racks in my oven and place this one on the bottom setting so that it has enough space from the top. It has room for chicken and veggies if you like roasting them at the same time and washes easily for a simple cleanup. I love it!


I'm adding leftover chicken on top from Monday night!

I love eating salad out of huge bowls. These are my go - to when munching on a large salad.


Chicken and White Bean Chili Verde from Eat What you Want by Gaby Dalkin

It feels like it has been forever since I recommended this amazing kitchen gadget! I love using it for all the things, but it is perfect for making a large batch of soup or chili.


Spaghetti with Meat Sauce and Roasted Veggies. I keep this super simple with this recipe from The Mediterranean Dish.

You guys know I love these silicone mats, they are the perfect kitchen essential when roasting veggies.


Salmon Larb Bowl from Eat What you Want by Gaby Dalkin

Sometimes I cook the Salmon on this indoor grill for ease. It works like a charm and you would never know it was cooked indoors. And I know you will ask, so I will add that when the kids aren't into it, they always have the backup option that is currently cheerios and milk.

Make sure you are registered to vote and have a great week! xo, Jules

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