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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Saturday nights sure are looking different these days. Even pre-COVID I was very into finding the best way to keep my wood floors clean. I tried so many different ways, but no matter what I used and how I used them, these floors were always dirty. Enter quarantine, summer time, two kids, two dogs, two of us and the amount of times we all go inside and outside, the floors are even dirtier. Every night after dinner, I stick in my air pods, listen to a podcast episode and clean the floors of our kitchen and family room areas. Thankfully, I have come up with a three step routine that doesn't take all night and leaves the floors clean and ready for us to tackle them tomorrow.


Being 5ft tall, I have the hardest time finding a broom that isn't too tall or too short. I recently found this one and the angle makes it easy to sweep the area in a few minutes. After I finish with the broom, enters the vacuum.

We have been a Dyson family for years. This is my third multi-surface Dyson and I love it so much. It quickly transitions from carpet, to tile, to wood and back to carpet without me having to do anything. It picks up any of the dust and crumbs that I may have missed. It also does a great job of cleaning the rug under my kitchen table.

The absolute favorite cleaning tool and last step in my routine is this Shark Steam Mop I honestly do not know what I did without this thing. You use a small amount of water in the compartment and it heats up to steam the floor through the cotton cover. I also add in a drop of my favorite Branch Basics Concentrate. On the back you can find a simple button that allows you to take the cover on and off without using your hands. Once you are finished, you remove the cover and throw it in the laundry. The covers last for about a month or so, depending on how often you use and clean them. But, they do make refills that you can purchase here.

And that's it. My floors are swept, vacuumed and steam moped in around 10 - 20 mins depending on how dirty they are. It's a great way to spend a Saturday evening after dinner...I promise the clean floors make up for it. How do you keep your floors clean? Let me know! xo, Jules

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