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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

Quarantine has been fun, right? After months and months of being all together for so many days on end - we all needed a change. So, we decided to take road trip.

A 15 hour journey from our home to Colorado. In truth, we don't really do road trips. And, if we do, they are short ones. So, 15 hours was an endeavor. But, I am so happy to share that we did it and the change of scenery is really good for the soul.

Here are some of my road trip essentials.

1. This Yeti Cooler is absolutely amazing. We love our Yeti products and this cooler did not disappoint. It kept our ice absolutely in tact and our perishables nice and cold for 48 hours


2. A Camping Toilet - at first this seemed crazy but it saved the girls from squatting in the woods.


3. Lotion - after driving through the heat of Texas with the air conditioning on - we all needed to

hydrate our skin.


4. Aquaphor -Same for our lips, that car air conditioning sure did a number on our lips.


5. Trash Bags - It is really was in an effort to not trash the car, I gave the back seat a bag and we had one in the front seat. When we stopped we would make sure everyone collected trash and we disposed of it.


6. Enough Water Bottles for each person and the amount of hydration they need.


7. This AAA trip planner to help with mapping out stops and picnic areas.


8. Headphones for everyone to listen to their own device makes for a very peaceful ride.


9. Band- Aids and Neosporin for the many bumps and bruises that occur



10. Car Bingo! My absolute number 1 family road trip favorite.

Hope you can use some of these tips to make your road trip successful, too! Let me know!

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