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Updated: Aug 13, 2020

We are in the thick Summer 2020! Here are my top picks:

No matter if you are surviving in the Texas heat, venturing out on a beach vacation or taking a trip to the mountains, these are my summer must haves. No sponsored by anyone - just a real authentic list of my absolute top 5 can't leave home without items. What is on your list of? Let me know!

xo, jules

1. This Elta MD spray on sunscreen is the absolute best sunscreen for adults and kids alike. Sprays on white but rubs in clear. It's my favorite. I pair it with the best facial tinted sunscreen and I give Elta MD the number one spot in my sunscreen game.

No matter where I go, bugs seem to find me. And I mean, go to town on my entire body. Unfortunately, my little lady gets them pretty badly too. The boys seem to be lucky! But, this bug spray smells good, repels the bugs and comes in a pack of 2.

2. Beach, Lake, River, Pool - these towels are easy to pack, come in their own pouch and dry super fast. They come in a variety of colors and patterns so that everyone can pick out their own!

4. Without fail, someone always ends up a little sunburnt. I have found this lotion to not only be soothing but takes the burn away the next day. Coola does a great job with all of their products but this one makes my list this time. It comes in a pretty large size and lasts a very long time.

5. You can't spend time outside with a good pair of sunnies! Goodr does a great job with these polarized, non slip, non bounce, really fun choice of colored sunglasses.

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