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It's #nationalcoffeeday

Updated: Oct 5, 2020

Do you follow all these new fun #nationaldays? I think they are a fun way to engage in social media calendar trends.Last week was #nationaldaughterday and yesterday was #nationalsonday. I am happy to say that today, September 29, 2020 is #nationalcoffeeday! Whether you drink coffee, know a coffee lover or are in it for the freebies - I've got you covered.

My Top 3 At Home Coffee Essentials

  1. Moccamaster Coffee Maker

This is the absolute best at home coffee maker. We use this every single day in my house. Delicious drip coffee every single day. Easy to use and easy to clean.

2. The perfect coffee filters. These are compostable and perfect for everyday use with the Moccamaster.

3. The Everyday Coffee Bean Grinder

This grinder is simple, works really well and is easy to clean. We have tried all the fancy ones out there and this one is our favorite.

4. Once you grind the beans, this canister makes for easy storage. I love that it comes with a magnetic scoop.

5. If you aren't into beans and grinding them, etc. I highly recommend the Nespresso System. While you do have to purchase the individual pods separately, this is a very easy and delicious way to make your morning coffee. This model comes with its own milk frother and works well with dairy and dairy alternative milk. Delicious latte in minutes.

My Top 5 Favorite Freebies Going on Today

1. Krispie Kreme is giving away free donuts and coffee today when you visit their store- today only!

2. Tan France has partnered with @milanocookies (a personal favorite) to give away 2 limited edition cup and saucer sets - enter on Instagram today only!

3. Dunkin Donuts is giving away a free coffee with any purchase today only!

4. If you are a member of Starbucks loyalty rewards program and purchase a grande or larger today, they will give you a free drink in your account for a future visit!

5. Einstein Bagels is giving away free coffee when you order through their app today!

My 3 Favorite Recipes with Coffee Beans

  1. Chocolate and Coffee Scone recipe from Oh She Glows is delicious and easy to make.

  2. Roasted Butternut Squash and Coffee Soup from A Brown Table is the perfect fall soup.

  3. Coffee Rubbed Steak from Bon Appetit is sure to be a family favorite.

I hope your #nationalcoffeeday just got a whole lot better. Happy Tuesday and enjoy your coffee! xoxo, Jules

** As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualified purchases. **

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