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Updated: Aug 17, 2020

Being at home so much lately has really made me realize that I am a creature of habit. I wear the same things, I cook with the same things, I use the same things day in and day out. So, I think I should share with you what I am loving right now. I will add to the list from time to time. But, for now, check out the images below for what I am loving. 

1. Nutribullet

This little powerhouse of a blender really works. I've loved having this with us when we travel. It is small and safe enough for my kids to use on their own - and I love that!


2. Triad Pads

The cleansing pads not only smell amazing but do the trick after those sweaty workouts. Easy to throw in your purse or gym bag or keep at home.


3. Pro Omega Fish Oil

I love that this fish oil doesn't smell, is easy to swallow and doesn't make me feel sick.


4. Dyson Hair Dryer

I have thin hair that I really shouldn't blow dry - but I do and this makes it happen fast! Dyson has used their expertise to create the perfect hair dryer. I love it!


5. Vitamix

We make smoothies daily and this is quick, easy and perfectly blended each time.Vitamix sure does know the blender business and this one does all the tricks and is worth the price.

6. Lunya Washable PJ

Do you love a good PJ set? I am a sucker for matching PJs. This set is washable, comes in a variety of colors and is perfect to wear year round.


7. Lululemon Wundertrain Leggins

I have been a Lululemon fan for years. I always say the legging are worth the splurge! Let me tell you that these are my absolute favorite. They are buttery soft and oh so flattering. I wear mine all the time. The colors and patterns go with everything and they hold you in, in all the right places.


8. Milk and Honey Extra Strength Deodorant

I think I have tried all of the natural deodorants out there. This Milk and Honey Extra Srength one is amazing. Works so well and goes on smoothly. Doesn’t leave me feeling like I need more or it doesn’t do the job.


9. Mizuno

These are my absolute favorite sneakers. I use them for working out as well as running around.


10. Instapot

I do not remember my life without an Instapot. If you don’t have one, I highly recommend you get one. I use mine daily and especially when the summer heat strikes, it is a great way to cook without heating up your whole kitchen.


11. Method Grapefruit Cleansing Wipes

These Method swipes smell amazing! They keep my surfaces smelling so fresh and clean. I know it is so hard to find wipes right now but these are my fave. And compostable!


12. Apple Watch

This watch is seriously part of my body now. I love it so much. I put it on first thing in the morning and take it off right before I got to sleep. It tracks my activity level and shows me all the important info. I don't know how I lived without it.


13. Madewell Whisper V Neck Cotton Tee

This cotton tee comes in so many colors and is so easy to throw on. You need one in every color!


14. Ember Mug

This mug keeps my coffee hot all day long. We all know how easy it is to get distracted with Mom, Mom, Mom and not finish the coffee while it's hot. This is the ultimate mom saver!


15. Pineapple Core

We have been eating all the summer fruit over here. This is the easiest way to cut and core the pineapple. Make cutting it up easy and easy cleanup!

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