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Hello! And Welcome to Love, Jules. I am so happy you are here!


Day 122: Sitting on the edge of the Blue River, while messaging with friends, one said, " When are you going to just start that Blog? I'll follow you ASAP!" Well, the truth is, she wasn't the first, or the last to ask. The idea of a lifestyle blog seemed crazy to me. There are so many lifestyle bloggers out there - and how would I differentiate myself with enough content that others would enjoy and actually make something of it? I have been thinking about doing this for a long time. And finally, on Day 122 of having our world (both mine and the larger) in this unknown state felt like a pretty good time to share the love. So, I am excited to say, that I am taking the leap and sharing the love, my knowledge of what I love, what I love doing and how I love doing it, here, on this platform in the hopes of helping you - share the love, too. XO, Jules

White Satin

What I'm Loving....

Blue Sofa
Orange Flower Prints
Image by Brooke Lark

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